Wednesday, August 22, 2012

rice paddy art and a japanese garden

Still on vacation! We'll be back late tomorrow but in the meantime here's photo dump, part 2.
After our Kokeshi doll painting fun and lunch, we were off to Inakadate Town. It's a little town with a neat secret--rice paddy art! We got to see two different displays, both of which were pretty amazing. Each year the designs are changed, and they are made up of multiple varieties of rice to achieve the different colors. 

The first design we visited was called The Seven Gods. It features gods from Japan, China, and India. Also a dragon. Not sure who or what the little flying guy is on the side.

And this is what the design looked like from ground level:

After this spot, we hopped on a bus and went a few minutes down the road. The art on display there was my favorite. It was for the victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It featured a female-looking god (that was actually male our guide told us later) with a baby and a very angry-looking god. Both are symbols of good, purity and blessing from evil. They were stunning!

View of town from the tower where we viewed the rice paddy.

View of the god with the baby from the ground, beautiful mountains in the background.

After the rice paddies, our last main attraction was a stop at a Japanese garden. The house at this particular garden was the inspiration for Arrietty's house in the animated film.

Overall, it was another beautiful day here in northern Japan. There have been some hot, and very humid, days but the summer this year has been making me dread the winter even more. I'm hoping we still have at least another month of nice weather!


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  1. The rice paddy art is incredible! I would love to see that in person! Thanks so much for being so great on this blog and sharing updates and pictures. I miss you!


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