Monday, September 3, 2012

aomori nebuta festival

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Marine Parents

On August 4th, Hubs and I hopped on a tour bus and headed out to Aomori City with a bunch of other people from the base. Our destination? The Aomori Nebuta Festival, or Fire Festival. Basically, it's an occasion where you listen to some sweet drums, dance like crazy in special outfits, eat a bunch of street food and drink Japanese beer, and watch some insane/giant floats parade down the streets. In other words, it's kind of awesome. (I'd also like to note how SUPER POLITE the Japanese are. Families staked out spots on the sidewalk, labeled with tape or newspaper or whatever they had on hand, and then came back hours later. Other people actually respect the lines/tape/etc.! No way that'd happen back home, especially when everyone wants to get a good spot to view the floats and the people reserving the spaces are nowhere to be found.)

Our bus parked across the street from the float sheds, where they store them before starting the parade. We got to look at them up close, which was especially crazy because these things were massive. While they were really cool to see in the daytime, it didn't compare to how awesome they looked lit and bobbing down the street.

(Disclaimer: This post is very photo heavy, I took several hundred shots during this trip. Most are after the jump, though, to spare your google reader pages/preferred following platforms.)

There were some dancers showing off the traditional costume and music of this particular festival.

There were adorable barriers--these come in all animal forms, including frogs and rabbits.

There was a big cruise ship. We ate a late lunch/early dinner next to the water and it was perfect.

Then, we staked out a place on the sidewalk and waited for the show to begin. The floats were truly spectacular.

There were musicians, and dancers, and a million and one happy people.

Then there were more floats.

And even more dancers and singers and people. The Japanese sure do know how to throw a party!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Wow!!! What an amazing experience! :)

  2. wow! how cool! amazing pictures. thanks for sharing ;)


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